Formatting Information

Full Papers (deadline: December 9, 2011; abstracts due on December 2, 2011) should be at most 9 pages in length, excluding references, and at most 10 pages in length, including references.

In order to submit to EuroVis 2012, authors should prepare their submissions as a PDF file using the EuroVis 2012 LaTeX2e style (including a document class, a style file, a sample source file, and a corresponding PDF output file). If any other package should be used for typesetting a paper submission, the EuroVis 2012 style, as demonstrated in the sample PDF file, must be reproduced as closely as possible. In either case, please make sure that an image embedded in your paper does not contain transparent pixels (i.e., an alpha channel of a transparent color), because this will lead to problems when the resulting PDF is displayed or printed.

Submissions can also include supplementary material such as videos or executable programs, up to a limit of 50MB for the entire submission, including the PDF file. We encourage the use of digital videos to support paper submissions, particularly if part of, or all of the work covers interactive techniques. Please use only the most common video codecs to maximize the chances that the reviewers can see it.

LaTeX2e Style

Sample PDF