Visual Analysis across Devices



Nowadays, users employ a variety of devices for their daily activities – from a stationary PC to mobile devices like tablets and phones. In this project, the goal is to explore the design space and create a prototypical implementation of a visualization tool using multiple coordinated views to utilize the modality and mobility of mobile devices to perform visual analysis. Finally, the benefits and limitations of this approach should be formally evaluated for a thesis.


Given (at least) two mobile devices with varying form factor (e.g., a tablet and a mobile phone), the goal of this work is to explore and implement different view coordination techniques between the two devices depending on their spatial relationship towards each other (e.g., a tablet showing a detail view and the phone showing an overview of the data or the same information in a different view).  

This project can be conducted as computer science / student project (design and implementation) or as master thesis (design, implementation, and validation).


  • Strong interest in human-computer interaction and visualization topics
  • Experience with mobile development and / or visualization development advantageous.


The project should result in a working prototype for mobile devices using either Android or iOS, depending on the student’s preference. The visualization component can be implemented using mobile chart libraries (like AnyChart) or using classic web-based visualization libraries like d3 within a WebView.  

This work will be conducted in collaboration with the Technology Experience center of the Austrian Institute of Technology.


For more information please contact Georg Regal (Georg.Regal(at) or Manuela Waldner (