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Visualization Group - Topics

Title Type Persons
NEW Visual analytics for the detection of hypocotyl/root transition in plant growth BA/PR/DA 1-2
NEW Interactive Web-Overlay for Biochemical Pathway Exploration BA/PR/DA 1
Multiscale Visibility Management in DNA Nanostructures BA/PR 1
Visualization of Ontology-Based Web Search PR/DA 1
Virtual Reality and Visualization of Atomic Behavior in Semiconductor Crystals PR/DA 1-2
Molecular Visualization on Mobile Devices BA/PR/DA 1
User Study on Visual Thinking Using Analogue and Digital Tools BA/DA 1
Transition Glyphs - capturing the fleeting information of animated transitions within static glyphs BA/PR/DA 1
Interactive Visualization of Publication Key Words PR/DA 1-3
Agent-based Simulations (Crowd, Traffic) PR/DA 1-2
360 Video-Panoramas: Capture, Process and Visualize! DA 1
VISUAPPS Web-based Medical Visualization DA 2
Shape Perception Evaluation of Line Drawings BA/PR/DA 1-2
Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Modal Computed Tomography Data: Neutron CT in combination with X-ray CT BA/PR/DA 1-3

VRVis - Topics

Title Type Persons
Task-Oriented Guidance for Information Visualization Recommendation DA 1-2
Semi-Automated Data Cleansing of Many Time Series DA 1

Rendering Group - Topics

Title Type Persons
3D Mass Customization: Real-Time High-Quality Lighting Effects for WebGL DA 1
Implementing Real-Time Global Illumination Algorithms BA/PR/DA 1-6
Subsurface Scattering in VR PR 1
Accelerating Physically Based Rendering BA/PR/DA 1-2
Occlusion Aware Surface Processing BA/PR/DA 1-2
Software Design of a Library for Rendering Large Point Clouds PR/DA 1
Modeling Topics in Computer Graphics BA/PR/DA 1-4
Light transport simulation with global illumination algorithms BA/PR/DA 1-4
Real-Time Rendering BA/PR/DA 1-4