Real-Time Scanning Framework



Cheap mobile scanners may replace expensive stationary scanners for certain applications, creating virtual models of rooms, for example. Smartphones supporting Google Tango can act as such scanners but they lack the performance to compute high-quality models in real time. Calculating in real time gives immediate feedback for the scan quality and allows scan operators e.g. to fill in holes. Therefore, we want to send the sensor data from the smartphones to a server that does the heavy computations on its GPU and sends back the results.


  • Turn InfiniTAM into server-client structure (test with multiple clients: Phab2Pro and Kinect2)
  • Save and load scanned environment by name
  • Visualizes input and output data on server

In addition for bachelor's thesis:

  • Generate mesh for current camera position with vertex budget based on marching cubes in real time
  • Transfer mesh to client and render there


  • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
  • Knowledge of C++ (server should be in C++ or at least able to call C++ functions)
  • Basic knowledge of graphics programming for the rendering on the smartphones
  • Knowledge of network libraries (e.g. Sockets, RakNet) is a plus
  • Knowledge of app development for Android is a plus


  • Client must run on Android, iOS is a plus
  • Server must run on Windows (10), Linux is a plus
  • Project must build with Visual Studio (2017), CMake or similar is a plus


For more information please contact Philipp Erler (