Privacy-Preserving Web-Based Volume Rendering



Volume rendering is extensively used in domains such as medicine for inspecting patients, and oil&gas for inspecting the subsurface for oil reserves. Volume rendering requires powerful machines which must be frequently maintained and upgraded, therefore it would be advantageous to outsource the rendering to cloud services. However hospitals and oil companies need to protect their data and are not willing to send the volume data out of their premises. This project will deal with how to design a volume renderer which is able to work directly on encrypted volume data and that creates an encrypted image which is sent back to the client. The client will then decrypt the image and display it. This approach will open up for offering volume rendering as a service using any third party and even nontrustable companies


The task will be to perform a new volume rendering technique where data is encrypted on the client, sent for ray traversal on the encrypted volume data so that the encrypted rendered image is being sent to the client where it is decrypted and the volume rendering result is shown and available to the client only. 


  • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
  • Knowledge of C++ and GPU programming
  • Knowledge of Web development is advantageous


The project should be implemented as a web-based client-server system where the en/decryption is performed on the client and the rendering is performed on the server.


For more information please contact Daniel Patel ( or Ivan Viola (