Multiscale Color Interpolation Between Predefined Color Schemes



In multi-scale settings based on the particular viewpoint settings always the most visible scale level should govern how the scene color scheme is distributed. Please see our previous research result entitled Chameleon we have explored interpolation of color schemes across scales that are hierarchically arranged and higher scale color is an average of the lower scales. But an open question is how to interpolate between color schemes that have predefined colors on each scale and an average color on higher scale would not result into satisfactory visual encoding. Therefore the color space interpolation has to be realized extending the concept of interpolation paths described in the paper "Constrained Palette-Space Exploration". The extension deals with situation where a n-to-m mapping needs to be satisfied instead of a bijective mapping between two color palettes.


Students need to implement a multi-scale color map interpolation algorithm between color schemes defined for each scale independently so that the interpolation paths in the color space are not corssing each other and do not go very close to each other and at the same time do not create intermediate colors that are not perceived as a mixture of the starting colors. This algorithm will be implemented into an in-house developed molecular visualization framework.


  • Knowledge of Color theory
  • Skills in C++ and graphics programming


The project should be implemented as a standalone application.


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