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VRVis - Topics

Title Type Persons
NEW Diplomarbeit Biomedizinische Visualisierung @ VRVis, 2018 DA 1
Master Theses in Visual Data Science @ VRVis Research Center, 2018 DA 5
Rendering, Visual Data Science, and Simulation Topics in Visdom BA/PR/DA 7-10

Visualization Group - Topics

Title Type Persons
BrainGait - Rehabilitation nach Schlaganfall DA 1-2
A location based information visualization interface for VR BA/PR/DA 1-2
Visual Comparison of Natural Language Processing Pipelines BA/PR/DA 1
Exploring Methods to Visualize and See-Through Nested Volumetric Structures BA/DA 1
Visual analytics for the detection of hypocotyl/root transition in plant growth BA/DA 1
Visual Analytics for Retrospective Analysis of Prostate Cancer Cohort Data BA/DA 1
3D Mesh Unfolding BA/PR 1
Smart graph layout using users' design experience BA/DA 1
Privacy-Preserving Web-Based Volume Rendering PR/DA 1
PolicyMap: A Dynamic Map for Line-Up Policy in Amusement Parks BA/DA 1
Interactive Collision Detection for Molecular Visualization BA/PR 1
Infographic Design for Biological Networks BA/DA 1
Embedding Node-link Diagram (Graphs) in Arbitrary Shapes BA/PR/DA 1
Quantitative Evaluation of Hand-Drawn and Automatic Graph Visualizations BA/PR/DA 1
Interactive Map Customization for Travelling Purposes BA/PR/DA 1
Multiscale Color Interpolation Between Predefined Color Schemes PR/DA 1
Reusing Visualization Renderings in Multi-User 3D Visualization PR/DA 1
Interactive Web-Overlay for Biochemical Pathway Exploration BA/PR 1
Visual Thinking: Study and Prototype Environment DA 1-2
Agent-based Simulations (Crowd, Traffic) PR/DA 1-2
360 Video-Panoramas: Capture, Process and Visualize! DA 1
VISUAPPS Web-based Medical Visualization DA 2
Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Modal Computed Tomography Data: Neutron CT in combination with X-ray CT BA/PR/DA 1-3

Rendering Group - Topics

Title Type Persons
Implementing some OpenGL 4.5 functionality in Chromium PR 1
Effects of VR-Displays on Visual Acuity BA 1
Skype 3D BA/PR 1
Point Clouds in Web Browsers - Generate LOD on the fly PR 1
Modeling Topics in Computer Graphics BA/PR/DA 1-4
Real-Time Rendering BA/PR/DA 1-4