Interactive Space4Water Knowledge Graph



The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) created the Space4Water Portal (, a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange on space technologies and water-related topics. The portal brings together organizations active in the field to share information on projects, initiatives, software, community portals, training possibilities, conferences, workshops, datasets as well as news and publications in the sector.  The information is categorized and shared publicly.


In this project, the information in the portal should be made more accessible to a large variety of stakeholders through interactive tree and graph visualizations that show the relation between the data, such as the actors active in the field, the projects they carry out and collaborate on, as well as the resources they share. The information is tagged according to a taxonomy, which is currently accessible as a collection of glossary terms. Users should be able to browse information associated with this taxonomy, but also to filter information based on key words or other attributes. Details on all nodes need to be accessible, and a switch between the classical view of data and the node graph shall be possible.


  • Strong interest in interactive information visualization
  • Interest in space technology
  • Programing experience
  • Experience with web technologies (JavaScript, d3, Drupal, Neo4j, ...) advantageous
  • Willingness to cooperate with an external collaborator


Within the project the student shall evaluate the benefits of a newly developed Drupal 8 module for the integration of D3.js library to create visualizations (graphs, dendograms and other charts) with currently existing Drupal content types of the Space4Water Portal over using the neo4j Drupal 8 module. Furthermore, the integration with semantic web, and linked data shall be possible.

On top of the supervision of the project at the institute, successful applicants will receive supervision from the Information Systems Officer of UNOOSA. If the project progresses well, and students are interested in the work of UNOOSA, there is a possibility to apply for an internship at the Office.


For more information please contact Nina Kickinger ( or Manuela Waldner (