Dynamic Planar Graph Drawing

Student Project


Planar graphs are interesting graphs that can be drawn without edge crossing, while their corresponding drawing algorithms have not yet fully studied. The drawing algorithm should strongly depends on the properties of the planar graphs. This project aims to investigate planar graph properties for drawing algorithms.


  • Implement the algorithms to examine the properties of planar graphs
  • Examine different graph family, including outerplanar graph, etc.


  • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
  • Knowledge of C++ and Qt is advantageous, but not necessary
  • Knowledge of Boost Graph Library or other graph library is advantageous
  • Commitment to collaborate with international researchers


The project should be implemented as a standalone application, desktop or web-based (to be discussed).


For more information please contact Hsiang-Yun Wu, Martin Nöllenburg , Sujoy Bhore .