Analyse/Visualisierung von industriellen Messdaten - Automatic basic parametrization in the area of quality assurance solutions for automated production processes



Area: Visualisierung, Machine Learning, Data Mining

The industry is defined by automated production processes. Quality assurance is a central point to monitor and optimize these processes. The difficulty in process monitoring is the dependency on many parameters, which are usually set manually. The goal of this project is to identify methods that allow a first automated parametrization of the respective monitoring processes.

Goals and Tasks

  • Create a task / data requirement analysis
  • Collection, classification and visualization of data
  • Provide a visual interface to allow the exploration of different results given different parameter settings
  • Iterate with the users to evaluate your design
  • Help build a regression model that matches the given input/output data


  • Interest and Knowledge in Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Mining
  • Good programming skills
  • Creativity and enthusiasm


The project shall be implemented in cooperation with a company partner. The thesis is intended as a paid diploma thesis.


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