Wearable anatomical physicalizations

Bachelor Thesis
Student Project
Master Thesis


Medical data physicalizations have started to emerge, creating new opportunities for anatomical educational processes. Visualization takes advantage of human vision and perception, while physicalization engages tangibly additional senses. In this project, we want to investigate anatomical physicalizations that can be wearable, to provide direct feedback on the anatomical relationship of different structures. This concept has been investigated in the past (see Virtuali-Tee video below), but now we would like to investigate additional strategies that would not require the use of marker-based AR/VR.


Investigate approaches for wearable anatomical physicalizations that go beyond marker-based AR/VR solutions.


  • Interest and knowledge in biomedical visualization, in particular illustrative visualization and anatomical education, as well as some knowledge in Augmented Reality.
  • Good programming skills.
  • Creativity and enthusiasm.


To be discussed (depending on the background of the student).


[1] https://renataraidou.com/anatomical-edutainer/
[2] https://renataraidou.com/slice-and-dice/
[3] Virtuali-Tee (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-OsQ2DO4wc)



For more information please contact Renata Raidou, Hsiang-Yun Wu.