Visualizing Knowledge Graphs

Student Project
Master Thesis


Knowledge graphs have been used to represent a collection of relationships of entities. It was first proposed by Google, who wants to improve its search engine, especially on that information gathered from different types of resources. The underlying relationship is growing fast, and thus, the graph cannot be easily presented and understand.


In this project, the student is expected to build a knowledge graph based on heterogeneous data (e.g., texts, images, etc.) and visualize such a large graph.

[1] Visualizing large knowledge graphs: A performance analysis (


  • Strong motivation and enthusiasm
  • Good programming skills and knowledge of graph data structures
  • Knowledge of Cypher Query Language (Neo4j) or Apache Spark framework advantageous
  • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and the final report should be in English)


The project should be implemented as a web-based application.


For more information please contact Hsiang-Yun Wu.