Visual Analytics for Volume Rendering

Master Thesis


Visual analytics can be combined with volume rendering with the purpose of supporting the rendering---for example to find better parameterizations of rendering algorithms [1], or to provide integrated solutions that combine geometric and attribute data [2]. The integration of visual analytics with volume rendering has not been thoroughly investigated in the past, and this project aims at investigating the potential of such approaches. 


Investigate the potential of integrating volume rendering with visual analytics. 


•    Interest and knowledge in visualization and visual analytics.
•    Understanding of parameter sensitivity analysis. 
•    Good programming skills.
•    Creativity and enthusiasm.


To be discussed (depending on the background of the student). A good option would be Unreal Engine (thus, C++).


[1] Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis [Ortner et al. 2016]
[2] Applying Visual Analytics to Physically-Based Rendering [Simons et al. 2019]



For more information please contact Renata Raidou.