Student Project
Master Thesis


Observing the geometry of dynamical systems is anticipated to provide mathematical domain scientists with a significant understanding of the dynamics, and potentially, of underlying modeled biological processes. New visualization tools to support domain scientists to understand, analyze, and illustrate trajectories of dynamical systems are available, but they do not support the visual comparison thereof [1,2]. To compare multiple trajectories emerging from different initial conditions, approaches from flow visualization [3] have been recently investigated (see image). However, further techniques from ensemble visualization could be incorporated, e.g., contour boxplots [4] and curve boxplots [5], to support the easier exploration, analysis and comparison [6] of the different initial conditions of these dynamical systems.


We are interested in developing novel visual analytics techniques, which will support the comparison of a large ensemble of particle trajectories, resulting from different initial conditions of dynamical systems.


  • Interest and knowledge in visualization and visual analytics.
  • Good programming skills (C++, OpenGL).
  • Creativity and enthusiasm.


C++, OpenGL (you will be building on top of an existing system [1])


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For more information please contact Renata Raidou.