Surface Reconstruction

Bachelor Thesis
Student Project
Master Thesis


I'm researching surface reconstruction from point clouds using machine learning. I have some ideas for improvement for my current work. It's currently in double-blind submission. Therefore, I can't tell too much here.


  • Better architecture for the network
  • Iterative evaluation for better performance and to avoid error propagation
  • Regularization to get a smoother surface and get rid of noise
  • Some low-level optimization


    • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
    • Basic knowledge of geometry for computer graphics (e.g. surface definition with vertices and faces, signed distance fields)
    • Bonus:
      • Basic knowledge of Python
      • Basic knowledge of Deep Learning (Pytorch)
      • Knowledge of modeling and geometry processing


    The source code is currently pure Python for both Windows and Linux.


    For more information please contact Philipp Erler.