Paid User Study Assistance

Student Project


Our research group is regularly conducting online or (if possible) on-site lab user studies. Such studies are a valuable possibility to get to know and learn empirical research methods. There are several small tasks that can be conducted by students in the form of a paid student assistant, as listed below.  


Possible tasks include: 

  • Implementation of interactive visualizations, study procedure (e.g., randomized appearance and configuration of the visualization based on the study protocol), and logging. 
  • Conducting the study itself (welcoming participants and guiding them through the study procedure). 
  • Evaluation, especially of qualitative feedback in form of open coding


  • Knowledge of English language 
  • For implementation tasks: very good knowledge of JavaScript / d3, Python, and / or PHP, depending on the planned study 
  • Strong interest in human-centered research methods 
  • Candidates should be very reliable


If you are generally interested, please contact us, let us know which aspects would be interesting for you, and we will inform you when we are planning to perform a study. 



For more information please contact Manuela Waldner.