Optimizing Volume Rendering

Master Thesis


In volume rendering, we are often concerned with finding optimal parameterizations. Finding, for example, optimal camera and light positions to obtain nice views is not always trivial, while deciding the optimal rendering parameters remains tedious. Additionally, the use of smart visibility concepts and occlusion-aware techniques is often discussed, when trying to develop expressive visualization techniques that are able to maximize the visual information that is presented to the user. In this project, we would like to investigate, develop and evaluate novel optimization strategies for the view and the involved rendering parameters, as well as new methodologies for smart visibility in volume rendering. The project is conducted together with Dr. Katja Bühler from the VRVis Research Center. Upon successful completion of the project, there is potential of remuneration. 


  • Good knowledge of Volume Rendering
  • Interest and Knowledge in Medical Visualization
  • Knowledge of English
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Creativity and enthusiasm


For more information please contact Eduard Gröller, Katja Bühler .