Neuron signature visualization

Master Thesis


Neuroscience is focused on understanding how the brain functions both
structurally as well as functionally. This is accomplished by imaging brains
using a variety of different methods including EM, confocal, LM, etc. The
challenge is to identify neurons across these images to understand how the
brain develops throughout an organism's life. The aim of this master's thesis
is to push the state of the art in searching for neurons through exploration
and evaluation of different methods of exploring similarities between neurons.


Students will need to implement at least two algorithms/visualizations and
compare them against the state of the art solution. Code needs to be
integrated into the larvalbrain system.


  • Knowledge of image processing toolkits (OpenCV, scikit-image, juliaimages, etc)
  • Knowledge of English (source code and final report needs to be in English)


The project should be implemented in a fashion that can be easily integrated
into the larger larvalbrain system.



For more information please contact Eduard Gröller, Thomas Torsney-Weir .