Modeling Topics in Computer Graphics

Bachelor Thesis
Student Project
Master Thesis


 While rendering - the classical field of computer graphics - has reached very high standards in the recent two decades, the issue of the creation of appropriate digital models is a difficult problem that hardly keeps pace with current demands. Indeed, it is a complex creative process that involves both artistic and technical skills.

We offer following topics as Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, or as internship in the field of modeling. Contact me if you are interested in:

  • interactive modeling,
  • shape and geometry modeling,
  • urban modeling,
  • geometry processing,
  • procedural modeling,
  • inverse procedural modeling,
  • texture synthesis,
  • general image processing,
  • and/or related topics.

If you have own ideas in the mentioned or similar fields, feel free to contact us: modeling contact


 General tasks of a thesis will be:

  • Research the literature on the given topic.
  • Design an algorithmic approach.
  • Implement the approach in exiting C#/SharpDX rendering framework.


  • Programming skills in C# and/or C++.
  • Knowledge of the real-time graphics pipeline (OpenGL/DirectX)
  • Basic knowledge of Texture Synthesis/Procedural Synthesis


  • Visual Studio 2012
  • C#/WPF
  • SharpDX


For more information please contact Przemyslaw Musialski.