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The objective of this project is to enhance user understanding of an existing dashboard by tailoring explanations to individual users, based on interaction logs and provenance data.


  • Implementing latest track library within the existing onboarding project

  • Refine onboarding content using the interaction logs and provenance graph to offer context-aware insights. 

  • Leveraging the LLM's capabilities to determine the onboarding sequence by the dashboard usage patterns and and the type, location, and data inherent to each visual. 

  • Dynamically adjusting the narrative to cater to varied user expertise levels. 

  • Implementing a responsive interface where users can seek further clarity, for instance, by prompting questions like "Explain this state to me?" The LLM-backed onboarding would then adapt its responses, ensuring a personalized and enriched user experience within data visualization platforms.

Further tasks would involve user study with expert interviews to evaluate the usability and usefulness of the topic. 


  • Interest and knowledge in visualization. 
  • Good programming skills.
  • Creativity and enthusiasm. 


The project should be implemented as a standalone application, desktop or web-based (to be discussed).

Supervision: Vaishali Dhanoa (Pro2Future), Andreas Hinterreiter (JKU Linz), Paul Haferlbauer (Pro2Future), Marc Streit (JKU Linz), Eduard Gröller (TU Wien) 


Related Work:  

A Process Model for Dashboard Onboarding (Vaishali et. al EuroVIS 2022)

Track, Zach et. al (IEEE VIS’20)

A survey of knowledge-enhanced text generation (augment knowledge of LLMs with additional data)

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) (Also about concept of knowledge augmentation but more practical)



For more information please contact Eduard Gröller.