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Nowadays, it is possible to accurately capture the appearance of real-world materials with specialized equipment (e.g., goniophotometers). However, efficiently rendering such measured materials remains a long-standing, unsolved problem in computer graphics. The difficulty arises from the fact that the measurements cannot be easily used by themselves (partly due to their sheer volume). Thus, the goal is to find compact representations that can be evaluated efficiently during rendering.

In this project, you will work with us on finding such representations, with the goal of surpassing the state of the art. As part of a highly motivated research team, your work will comprise implementing and evaluating new innovative ideas that we work out together. We are collaborating with Wenzel Jakob, a world-class leading researcher in this area who can also provide input. If you are highly motivated and would like to contribute to research in this context, please contact Hiroyuki Sakai.

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  • High intrinsic motivation to contribute to research
  • Experience with C++ (preferably C++17 or higher)
  • Willingness to deal with theory, mathematics, and probability

Monetary Bonus

We offer a monetary bonus for female students who complete their thesis in the context of this project: for bachelor students EUR 500 and for master students EUR 1000.


For more information please contact Hiroyuki Sakai.