Master Thesis




This topic is part of the research project BIMCheck. The goal of BIMCheck is to compare how a building (or single rooms within a building) corresponds to its BIM model (BIM model is a 3D model augmented with metadata about its elements). We use a mobile LiDAR scanner (Ouster OS0 128) and Azure Kinect to create a scan of the room, match this scan to the BIM model, extract geometric primitives from the scan and compare them to the contents of the BIM model.

The main focus of this topic is on finding geometric primitives within the scan and comparing them to the elements of the BIM model (in .IFC format).

This thesis is paid - the student will get 1000 for the succesful implementation of the tasks.


  • Find geometric primitives (mostly planes) in the point cloud scan
  • Compare them to the elements of the BIM model - find differences in element positions and dimensions
  • Visualize extracted primitives and their differences to BIM elements in Unity


  • Knowledge of English language (source code comments and final report should be in English)
  • Knowledge of C++
  • Experience of work with point clouds, Point Cloud Library (PCL) and OpenCV is advantageous (but not a must)


C++, PCL (Point Cloud Library), existing platform for point cloud to BIM registration, existing visualization project

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For more information please contact Iana Podkosova.