Augmented medical physicalizations

Bachelor Thesis
Student Project
Master Thesis


During the last decades, anatomy has become an interesting topic in education—even for laymen or schoolchildren. Medical data physicalizations have recently started to emerge, going beyond 3D printing, and creating new affordable approaches that use data sculptures or papercrafts. Data physicalizations have proven to be effective and engaging—sometimes, even more than their virtual counterparts. Although interactive and entertaining, such approaches could benefit by a coupling and augmentation by an on-screen anatomical education application.


We want to investigate ways for coupling (with on-screen approaches) and augmenting (in AR environment) data physicalizations, within the context of anatomical education, in order to make them even more flexible, interactive, and entertaining for the general public. 


•    Interest and knowledge in biomedical visualization, in particular illustrative visualization and anatomical education, as well as some knowledge in Augmented Reality.
•    Good programming skills.
•    Creativity and enthusiasm.


To be discussed (depending on the background of the student). 





For more information please contact Renata Raidou, Hsiang-Yun Wu.