The Anatomical Edutainer 2: A Physicalization Project in the Domain of Medical Visualization

Master Thesis


Physical representations of data have existed for thousands of years. With the contemporary advances in domains, such as digital fabrication, a new area of research is emerging: data physicalization. Data physicalization aims to help users explore, understand, and communicate data using computer-supported physical data representations, called physicalizations.

In this project, we would like to explore the possibilities of data physicalization within the domain of Medical Visualization. Data physicalization in the medical domain has great potential, as the presentation of medical data can significantly benefit from interaction and manipulation - especially, for anatomical education purposes. To this end, we would like to develop the Anatomical Entertainer, a computer-assisted physicalization to provide new means for anatomical education through computer-generated illustrations. These can be printed and explored in a novel, hands-on manner by the user, taking advantage of the physical properties of the involved materials.


The task of this project is to develop the Anatomical Entertainer, a scalable and reusable computer-supported medical data physicalization, focused on aiding anatomical education in a hands-on, comprehensive and comprehensible way. The student will design and develop the human anatomical illustrations using state-of-the-art illustrative visualization techniques. These illustrations will be printed in tangible hardcopies, which can be later on interactively, and physically, explored and manipulated, to gain more insight and knowledge on the human anatomy. More details about the subtasks and the workflow of the topic will be provided upon request.


  • Interest and Knowledge in Medical Visualization, in particular Illustrative Visualization and Anatomical Education
  • Good programming skills
  • Creativity and enthusiasm


The project should be implemented as a standalone application, desktop or web-based (to be discussed).




For more information please contact Renata Raidou, Hsiang-Yun Wu.