Speaker: Alexandra Diehl (University of Buenos Aires)

  In this talk I will present the new directions in which we have worked during my stay in Vienna.   In previous work we have developed a visual analytics tool to assist forecasters in the analysis of trends, uncertainty, and model errors.   During this stay, we have worked in two projects to address new characteristics of weather forecast data and also to use climate data in order to improve weather forecasting.   One of the projects implements a tool to analyze the development of clouds in very short-term lead weather forecasts. In this project our goal is to detect and analyze the 3D development of severe phenomena (severe storms, hails, tornadoes).   In the other project we analyze reforecast data. Reforecast data is composed of historical forecasts calculated using a specific numerical forecast model together with observational data. The analysis of both of them and the comparison with the results of the current numerical model allows for the creation of better weather forecasts.




20 + 10
Host: MEG