Speaker: Bohak, Ciril (University of Ljubljana)


In my talk, I will share the details of my latest research in visualizing microscopic biological structures at the atomistic level. First, I will introduce the acquisition and processing pipeline and discuss our work on the reconstruction, segmentation, and real-time data visualization stages. I will discuss our work on the differentiability of the presented pipeline and its impact. Afterward, I will present our work on procedural rule-based modeling of the mesoscale molecular models, such as proteins, viruses, and cellular organelles, and their real-time visualization. I will also discuss the automatic generation of documentaries (molecumentaries) on such environments and their implementation in VR and AR with conversational extensions. I will conclude my talk by presenting our work on the physicalization (physical visualization) of membrane-bounded biological structures as assemblable puzzles intended for mass production and outreach.



Ciril Bohak is an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. His main research topics are visualization, computer graphics, user-computer interaction, gaming technology, and gamification. Currently, he focuses on visualizing biological structures at the nanometer level.





45 + 15
Host: Gröller, Eduard