Speaker: Vorderegger Bernhard (Feratel)

The feratel card system(https://www.feratel.at/en/our-solutions/guest-card/) is an access control system and a marketing tool to support mainly tourism destinations to 
increase target groups and promote basic strategies of a region. For example, destinations can create attractive bundles of services, like hotel booking combined with the usage of mountain ropeways. 
They can optimize tourism custom relation measures and provide data about card spending and billings. Over 130 destinations use the feratel card system, mainly in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 
A considerable amount of data is generated. There is an awareness that data can help to develop strategies, for example, target group development, but currently, well-defined requirements need to be fulfilled to get the data. Now, destination managers can only query the data from specialized datasets. This means they can only tediously get answers to well-defined questions. 
The evaluation is based on spreadsheets and 2d charts such as visitors per day. There is no possibility of performing interactive exploratory analysis. 
As a result, the destination manager gets only a specialized view of the dataset.
In this thesis an exploratory data analysis platform should be made available to the domain experts, which allows new findings based on spatio-temporal visualizations.




10 + 10
Supervisor: Manuela Waldner