Speaker: Tobias Rittig (Charles University Prague)


The development of multi-material 3D printers over the past decade allowed for fabricating digital objects to a precise specification.  Not only shape, but also function and appearance are properties that are now jointly manufacturable with this new technology.
This talk will focus on the reproduction of color and other appearance cues. I'll be giving an overview over the academic landscape and show how rendering can improve the quality of textures. With technologies such as volume rendering, neural networks and differentiable rendering, we compensate for distortions and limitations introduced by the printing process.

About Tobias

He is a PhD student at the Computer Graphics Group of Charles University in Prague, supervised by Alexander Wilkie and the late Jaroslav Křivánek. His research applies physically-accurate Light Transport Simulation to fields such as Appearance Fabrication and Sky Modelling. He co-authored 4 SIGGRAPH (Asia) papers, 1 Eurographics paper and presented one paper at Eurographics Symposium on Rendering.
He is the CTO and co-founder of Additive Apperance (appearan.cz), a spin-off company providing advanced slicer software for color 3D printers.




30 + 15
Host: Diana Marin