Speaker: Thomas Auzinger , Károly Zsolnai

In this talk we will give an overview of the recently started FWF Project 'Modern Functional Analysis in Computer Graphics' (MOFA). The main goal of this project is to explore the potential of recently developed functional spaces for their usage in the field of computer graphics and, more specifically, in the field of rendering. We will consider generalizations of wavelets, so-called anisotropic wavelets, such as curvelets and contourlets both on the sphere and hemisphere. As these kinds of functions more readily adapt to sharp features in light transport representations (i.e. radiance and visibility signals), they should allow for increased performance in global illumination computations both in terms of memory and time consumption.

Our new rendering group member, Károly Zsolnai, will also outline this ideas on how to generalize his recent results on automatizing the parameter selection of a Metropolis Light Transport renderer to the more general case of lighting setups for ray tracing systems.  




Host: MW