Speaker: Stefan Zaufl (VRVis)

In this thesis a new pedestrian simulation plugin for the Visdom visualization system is presented. First the general layout of such a system is discussed using a layered system. Different candidates for these layers are presented and the best fitting one for the use are picked. For the tactical layer a fastest-path algorithm is used whilst for the operational layer a modified ORCA (Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance) algorithm has been implemented. These will be discussed in detail.
We will also talk about the visualization of the simulation state. Both the kind of representation for different objects in the world, as well as additional visualizations that aim to help the operator to gain insight, are going to be presented.
Then the implementation itself is going to be discussed. Especially how the different layers are integrated into the Visdom application.
In the last chapter the results are presented. First the system will be validated using the RiMEA test cases and then a real world case study showcases the capabilities of the proposed system.




20 + 20
Supervisor: Eduard Gröller