Konversatorium on Friday, 15. January 2021, 10:30

YouTube Live-Stream with Discord Discussion
Elitza Vasileva (193-02 Computer Graphics)
10 + 10
Harald Steinlechner

Visualization and exploration of time-dependent multivariate data using 2D user interfaces is a challenging task due to occlusions, perspective distortion, and the interaction limitations of the 2D input devices. The usage of an immersive system for such kind of data overcomes these limitations by offering more freedom to intuitively explore and directly interact with the environment, which speeds up the process of the data's understanding and interpretation. In this work, we will take advantage of a Virtual Reality system to visualize impact simulation data by combining dense point cloud visualization, various additional visualization techniques such as plots and graphs, and different interaction possibilities. With this system, we expect to make the data exploration more intuitive, faster, and easier, which we will evaluate in our work.


Thomas Koch (193-02 Computer Graphics)
20 + 10