VU Visual Data Science

VU Visual Data Science WS 3.0 ECTS, 186.868

Johanna Schmidt


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The VU Visual Data Science discusses how techniques from visualisation and visual analytics can be applied to data science. The lecture part always starts with a theoretical introduction to visualisation and visual analytics. Afterwards current visualisation solutions for data science are introduced, and current software libraries and applications will be discussed. There is also a possibility to analyze your own data.

Lab Results

Lab results from the previous semester:

Part 1

-- Lab Part 1 Results --

Part 2

-- Lab Part 2 Results --


The grade of the lecture is defined by how many points participants earned during the lecture. There will be no final exam at the end.
Grades are defined as follows:
Sehr Gut (1) > 85 points
Gut (2) > 75 points
Befriedigend (3) > 62 points
Genügend (4) > 50 points
Nicht Genügend (5) <= 50 points
Points can be earned based on the following scheme:
Attendance of the lecture 3 points / lecture
Lab Part 1 30 points
Lab Part 2 50 points
Extra (bonus) task 10 points