Praktikum aus Visual Computing

WS or SS 6.0 h (9 ECTS), 186.834

Important Links

Please see the page on Topics for Praktikum and Bachelor theses to obtain a topic.

ATTENTION Female students:
In this summer semester 2018 you have again the possibility to do a paid Praktikum at VRVis! Interesting topics! Nice working environment!


Aim and topic selection: The aim of a project is to implement problems from the field of computer graphics. The topics are usually chosen by research assistants in accordance with current research topics. This means that as a student, you will often participate in cutting-edge research. Current topics are available in the link listed above. However, you may also present a proposal for your own topic, and if it falls within the research interests of one of the assistants, he/she will also supervise you on it.

Prerequisites: As a prerequisite, you usually need knowledge of programming and computer graphics. The exact prerequisites are agreed with the advisor, and are usually also listed with the topic description.

Teams: Depending on the complexity of the project, teams of up to 4 people can work on a topic. The usual size is 1-2 students, however.


Industry Topics

A project may also be completed in cooperation with a company. Such external projects have to conform to a number of guidelines.