Hall Of Fame 2020

Manuela Waldner  
Katharina Unger  (Tutor)

Students analyzed different data sets with respect to the Austrian election (Nationalratswahl) 2019. The fourth exercise was to team up and to investigate a self-chosen question concerning the election data or another self-chosen data set. The results are presented here:

First-past-the-post Voting vs Proportional Representation

Team: Simon Reisinger, Lucas da Cunha Melo

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Covid-19 in Austria

Team: Lukas Pfeifhofer, Viktoria Pundy

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NBA Player’s Origins

Team: Guillermo Alamán Requena

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Spread of Covid-19

Team: Arlind Avdullahi, Princ Mullatahiri

Download Python Project

Covid-19 Impact Austria

Team: Dea Cizmic, Martin Mattäus Smiech

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Covid19 Dashboard Country Map

Team: Josef Glas, Carlos Alberto Vargas Rivera

Download Python Project

Spatial Analysis of Covid-19

Team: Marek Furka, Marko Spegel-Grünberger

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Covid-19: Effects of Government Restrictions

Team: Markus Kiesel, Martin Johann Stagl

Download Jupyter Notebook

Indirect Deaths from Covid-19 in Austria

Team: Sebastian Führer, Janek Janßen

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Effectivity of Covid-19 Measurements

Team: Sarah Hanna Fischer, Najla Amira Ochoa Leonor

Link to Colab Notebook

Austrian National Vote 2019 Analysis

Team: Marko Sirka

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Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

Team: Adam Böröndy

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Refugee Statistics

Team: Ekaterina Blasounig

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