ManiWordle: Providing Flexible Control over Wordle” by Kyle Koh et al.



This program implements a basic interactive tag cloud generator as presented in [1]. It uses some text input provided by the user, and generate an initial randomized tag cloud where tag with higher occurrence are more important, displayed in a bigger font size, and preferred by positioning on the canvas. After that first step the user is provided with interactive functionality to adjust that layout: choosing a color theme or new font for the text, setting new min and max font sizes, setting how the text is to be parsed,  what rotation to be applied.  A tag can be selected with the mouse and dragged and rotated.


The user interface of the program is intuitive. There is a standard menu, where all  basic options for the layout generation can be selected. Tags are manipulated through mouse interaction: left button for select, and after selection for dragging and rotation. The created tag cloud can be saves as screenshot: file -> save.

Here some screenshots to show how to navigate the application:

Text input 1


Setting parse options for the text 1


Setting text rotation 1


Choosing color theme 1




Choosing text font  1



Drag and rotate tag 1




API Documentation

InfoVis S14 ManiWordle Documentation


[1] K. Ko, B. Lee, B. Kim and J. Seo,  "ManiWordle: Providing Flexible Control over Wordle", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 16(6), 2010