Word Tree

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The word tree is an interactive application made for visualizing and exploring texts. Currently, Word Tree, inspired by 'The Word Tree, an Interactive Visual Concordance' by Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda B. Viégas supports only raw text formats. Formats like pdf will only be interpreted binary.

The interface is quite simple, as you start your program, you will see this program state :

The file menu consists of a single entry 'Open File', which triggers the loading of your text file. On the right side, a search bar allows you to search for a term in the given text. The given search term will then be displayed as the root node of the tree graph.

Size of the displayed words depend on their given frequency in the text.

After entering a search term, you always have the option to either click on of of the displayed terms in the graph – which in turn are stored in a history cache – or to enter a new search term. Both options lead to recentering the whole graph around the new search term.

You also always can browse your search term history by clicking back or forward.