NewtOS 1.x Easter Eggs

(Peter) Perform an assist on the phrase "Find Elvis"

(Peter) Perform an assist on the phrase "About Newton"

(Jason) I always thought that the little slide show of names was supposed to end with a memorial note for the programmer who committed suicide during development. Has Apple taken this out, because my MP100 (1.3x) doesn't have it. On a similar note, does anybody else find that certain letters of programmers' names are left out? Mine will say things like "J hn," etc., about one per screen. These are apparently random, because the next time I try it, other names are missing letters. What's going on here? I even tried to see if the missing letters spelled something. No luck.

(Harry) On german systems try "Über Newton"

(Peter) Put two or three spaces after the first line of your address in extras/prefs/personal and you will get a spiffy start-up screen. Set a password if it goes away too quickly. I hear that on some machines (OMP?) something similar (the same?) happens if your city or country is "Graceland" but this doesn't work on my MP100 with 1.3 roms.

(Harry) Putting in Graceland as your country puts a little Newt onto the startupscreen.

(Harry) The screens that are shown when three spaces are added are different across countries/system, an upgraded (1.3 I think) german MP100 shows something else than my international MP120

(Summmary Harry) Putting two or three spaces after your adress in the preferences part changes the startup screen to a picture depending on the number of spaces and the Model (OS) of the Newton. (I Won't tell you which you get at what time, try them out), available pictures are: newt in a cage, cat on a chair and jungle scene

The Graceland Egg seems to work only on OMP and 100 without 110 ROMS.

(Peter) Open up the extras window and click un the upper left corner and then in the upper right corner. You'll get some kind of connecton/debugging dialog.

(Ken) hold your pen on the clock in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Keep holding it there after it displays the time, and it will then display the tempurature! This only seems to work on the OMP.

(Ashley) This trick only works on Newtons with a software controlled screen contrast. The temperature dictates what the resolution should be set at. On the 110 and 120 there's no need for this since there's a contrast dial on the side.

(Jason) Hit the reset button in the battery compartment, then turn Newton on. Tap Undo, and an error message ("There is nothing to undo") will appear. Hit the Overview (Belly) button, and you'll see two error messages that say "Newton." Tap on the first one. It will say "Welcome to Newton." Now hit the information sign in that box. The date and time displayed are those of the first human landing on the moon! (7/29/69, 2:35 am).

(David)There is mention of a Newton Easter Egg that displays the time and date that man first set foot on the moon. I beleive this is incorrect. I mentioned it about two years ago when the initial discussion began but couldn't find much supporting data . I have now found a NASA paper detailing the exact time: First step on moon, 10:56:15 p.m. EDT. Source: Apollo-11 Highlights by NASA

Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but I think the Newton Date / Time of "7/20/69 - 2:35am" has to do with someone on the Newton development team.

(HS)On the german version the date is the date for the fall of the berlin wall 10/17/89 5:04pm.

(Raffi) Too make things easier I found that you do not need to press the reset button to make Jason's day and time message pop up. To simplify things tap Undo untill the "There is nothing to undo" message comes up... Then follow the rest of the instructions ie. press the belly button... etc.

Does anybody know what happened on 10/17/89 5:04pm ? This is the date you get for the MP120

That is the date and time of the Loma Prieta earthquake. (San Francisco) Which happened at the same time as the World Series.

(Joerg) On my MP 100 (D-1.11), I get 11/9/1989, 21:00, which is the correct date for the fall of the Berlin Wall, NOT 10/17/89 !

Phase of Moon !


  1. Open Dates.
  2. Click the upper left-hand corner, above the first letter in the name of the day.
  3. The phase of the moon should appear.

At least, I think it's the phase of the moon. It's different for every day, and it seems to match the real moon. Although now that I've got a Newton, who care about going outside?

(Harry) This seems to be moving about with every release of the OS mine (MP120, 1.3(44sthg)) has the spot to the left of the week overview line (s m t w t f s).

(Bernard)Clicking the version number of the Memory Preference element shows the programmers


Willing or unwilling !

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