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Articulated Body Dynamics Using Low-complexity Algorithms
Project duration: 1997-1999
Funding: European TMR PAVR
Contact: François Faure


A C++ software library for the physical animation of articulated solids. It includes input-output utilities to read from/write to dynamic body models in VRML-like language. An Inventor interface is also available.

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Physically-based simulation of articulated solids or solids in contact.

Traditional methods for the simulation of articulated bodies are too slow for real-time applications.

Linear time complexity algorithms are applied to acyclic articulated bodies. Closed loops are handled using a new iterative approach. This new approach is extended to contact force computation. Constraint drift is contoled using efficient stabilization methods. The user can tune a trade-off between accuracy and computation time.


François Faure, Fast refinable solution of articulated solid dynamics, to appear in IEEE TVCG, 1999.

François Faure, Interactive solid animation using linearized displacement constraints, 9th Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation, Lisbon, September 1997.
Interactive manipulation of articulated bodies within a VR-environment. Large number of bodies in contact.
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Abdula can be freely used for non-commercial purposes.

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